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AdRevenue : Admob revenue

Available for iPhone and iPad

Discover Advenue: Admob Revenue Tracker, the ultimate tool to track your Google Admob advertising revenue in real-time.

With Advenue, you have all the information you need at your fingertips to optimize your performance and maximize your earnings.

Have you ever misplaced your wireless gadgets?

No worries! Device Detector is here to swiftly reunite you with your Bluetooth and WiFi devices.

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We develop apps to help you in your day-to-day use.
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Universal Logo
Universal Remote
TV Smart
4.2 • 196.9k Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad
SamRemote - SmartTV
4.2 • 306k Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad
Samremote Logo
Tesla Logo
Supercharger Map for
4.8 • 16.4k Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad
LGee :
TV Remote
4.3 • 138.5k Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad
HorairesMe Logo
HorairesMe: Metro for
4.4 • 7.7k Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad
HorairesMe Logo
Porsche Logo
Supercharger Map for
4.8 • +10 Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad
Sonymote : Remote for
Sony TV
4.1 • 125.8k Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad
Device Detector: Find devices
5.0 • 5 Ratings
Available for iPhone and iPad

Reviews & Ratings

What our users say about our apps

Samremote Logo

SamRemote - SmartTV Remote

Great app

I got this on the phone because I kept losing the remote it works great it’s very functional it looks like they original Samsung device. Is it an app connect with Wi-Fi

coz711 • 12/10/2021

Sonymote : Remote for Sony TV


I am very happy with this app. Really easy and fast to work with. Saved my money and my time !!

Mirza Hyder • 04/10/2023

Universal remote for Roku TV


My 3 year old lost both of our tv remotes. I downloading this unsure that it would work, but let me tell you, its great! I kept the adds on it so it remained free and I have been using steady! Very good app and saved me from having to order a new remote!! 10/10 recommend!

Fryjvdfjncsrh3689;? • 12/11/2022

Supercharger for Tesla

Excellent application

The application is easy to use and the response is better than tesla website. One enhancement to the application is having a way to drop a pin on the super charger location to another person.

waflores • 15/04/2022
LG Logo

LGee: TV Remote

Smart app for smart tv

Ok as everyone know the wand stinks. This app controls everything on my lg tv with ease. It is more accurate than using a little pointer that needs calibration for accurate selecting. You will be so happy to download and use this app and leave the wand for magicians.

jprn • 21/07/2018

Supercharger Map for Tesla

Great App!

I like this app a lot for planning my Tesla travels. One option I would like to request is if you could display the charging cost for each location. Some supercharger locations have non-peak and peak charges.

David@Home • 21/08/2021

Universal Remote:TV Smart


This app always connects fast and works well. Never fails. Have tried other apps and this is the only one that works with my Sony TV’s.

TaylorHReviews • 04/05/2023

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