New Apps

Hello friends, it's been a while... We have some good news to share with you, first one, we just launched our new app called "Contimote", You were many to ask us to create this application, now it's done, for all the owners of a "continental edison" tv, you can download the app here : Download Contimote

But as we say in France "Good news never comes alone" , we also launched the Grundigee App for the owners of Grundig TV : Download Grundigee

We hope you will enjoy our news apps, and don't forget, if you need any support, just send us an email :)

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Hello friends, in this Christmas time, we would like to thank you for the actions you allow us to do. This time, the company NSTX has just made a donation worth 500 euros to the "Secours Populaire Français" for their action "Les Pères Noël verts", so that all children, even the poorest also have the right to a magic Christmas, for more info or to support them
We wish you all a Merry Christmas
Get a look at the receipt

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Hi folks, just a quick topic to announce our new remote app "Telefunkee", the simplest (and best) way to control your Telefunken tv.
We still want to create the easiest app to use,no settings needed, just power on your tv ,launch the app..."et voila" it's done, you can enjoy.
Download Telefunkee

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Hello guys, Today we want to introduce our new app and guess what... Yes, it's a new remote. This app is designed to every people who have a Roku device, for more informaion about what the Roku is visit the website.
We hope you will enjoy this new app , we have done our best to make the app as simple to use as the original remote. The design is very close to the real remote and we have implemented all the controls available.

We still working on some features but you can try it now (and of course the app is free)
Download Rokeemote

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NSTX is very proud to announce its new initiative, we decided to make a donation to an association each month.
the first donation of 1000 euros is for the research against breast cancer which affects over 50,000 women in France every year.
This gift is also and above all yours, it would not be possible without you, thank you to the many users of our applications that enable this action.

So thank you, a thousand times.
Get a look at the receipt

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Yesterday we release an update of our Samremote app, we have fixed some bugs thanks to you and thanks to your feedback.
What's new in this version?
The app is now more stable and we also improve the detection process to find your tv. Stay tuned we are working on a new amazing feature for this app.
You can download the free iPhone/iPad app here : Samremote

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We just release an update of Our Dreamote app, as a reminder this application allows you to control your Dreambox with your iOS Device.
What's new in this version?
This version fixes some bugs with iOS9, moreover we also had some new traductions for (Turkish and Swedish users.)
You can also enjoy our new feature called "App discover", our team select an amazing app,then you are feel to free to download this app.
To download the free iPhone/iPad Dreamote app it's here : Dreamote

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We just release an important update of CalcuSoldes, this app is a simple Sales Calculator,I know some people are already thinking "why make an app for thant,I can calculate by myself", YES you're right, so what is the final price of this wonderful shirt which its displayed price is 12.55$ and with a discount of 25%?...........I'm still waiting... 9.41$ You got it Good (but it was long). Oh and do you remember ,last week , this shop sent you a card with a further discount, you have a 15% off available on on already discounted products. So this shirt cost 12.55, with the first discount it costs 9.41 and now how much is it with this new discount of 15%.......Hummm not so easy...I'll help you : 8.00$.
So now get the CalcuSoldes , it's Free and without advertising : CalcuSoldes

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